Keeping with the Dolly Parton column title theme.  She and I and former 25K World Record holder Joseph Kariuki have a story together.  She one of the biggest country voices, he one of the biggest racing talents, and me the bonding agent.   I’m never at a loss for a tale.

Posting the musings a little later recently as running has trumped writing’s card.  Thanks to everyone that checks in daily for allowing.

Happy to announce Complete Nutrition as a Community Partner with the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run.  Be sure and stop by their booth on race day.
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Coach Han and students at the Bar None training table.  These three lassies will be looking to re-write our USATF Nebraska Association throws records.  And a pretty nice security detail in the meantime.

Craig Christians posts the following age records from the venerable No Frills Racing Series, petitions for competition to challenge.  At least one may go down this Saturday.

Anne Medeiros 50 35:44 1/22/1994
Gary Julin 46 29:09 1/22/1994
Anna Fisher 34 33:29 3/12/1994
Cyrus Huffman 58 31:36 3/12/1994
Jim Manners 61 40:46 3/12/1994
Anna Fisher 35 34:42 12/10/1994
Karina Bird 28 36:14 12/24/1994
James Schrader 17 29:33 1/28/1995
Bill Monahan 52 29:52 3/11/1995
Jim Manners 63 42:13 1/13/1996

Ever had a Wahoo Weiner?  I just left the Wahoo Locker, their world famous weiners in hand.  I know, chuckle chuckle.

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