Mason Williams 1970 acoustic classic, cat could pick.

One of the things necessary to be a classic is the ability to stick around.  Longevity gives a perspective that often escapes youthful bluster.   Many sunrises offer many life experiences, and man ain’t that that the very definition of living after all.  “Just glad to be here” is my standard reply when asked how I’m doing.  North of the Good Mother’s grass.

As I’m looking at my 2014 running plans memories of some of the best races from over the years come to mind.  This year on April 19th will find the 36th annual Crescent City Classic, one of the fastest 10K courses in the world and one of my very favorite races.  New Orleans knows how to throw a race and a party like no other city.  I ran the race several times back in the 90s.  Joel and I renting a Lincoln Towncar, driving the 350 miles of I-10, barely able to see over the steering wheel in the huge car, no need for the gangsta lean.  Musky room above Bourbon Street, flooded with wafting gumbo, music and barkers, and the general commerce of debauchery.  Young and healthy men with appetites for the racing and the racy.  Yeah, New Orleans in April was a Spring Classic and I’ll bet it still is.

One of the cool things about CCC was that they always had a world class field.  Mark Nenow ran 27:22 in 1984 for a World Best.  Another great feature was their awards structure for the open runners.  Top 500 finishers received the official race poster.  Number 501?  Mwah, mwah.  I usually ran ~35:00 and that was good enough to guarantee some artwork.


Crescent City Classic.  It was a gas.


1992 poster highlighting the oak trees in front of Tulane University.


1994 celebrating the Jazz heritage.


1995 showcasing the French Quarter.