Yesterday’s column asked you to take a look at your annual competition schedule, or devise one if you haven’t already.

This is for the Real Competitors.  And not as easy to do as it might sound.  Sacrifices to be made.  Time in training spent away from family and/or friends.  Money spent on entry fees and sometimes travel and more.  Other races missed.  The physical toll itself.  The rolling of the dice that high level training will intersect fortuitously with goal races.  And while I believe you make your own luck, it doesn’t hurt to have a Guardian on your shoulder, keeping away the stray sneeze or hidden walnut or ice patch or whatever else Fate casts your way.  That’s where your Good Clean Living comes in, aka Karma.

Where are you racing then?  That is a question a lot of us are asking ourselves right now.  Especially in light of the Lincoln Marathon being our USATF Nebraska Association Championships.  If you ran Houston you could probably pull off another peak performance at Lincoln.  Qualifying this by reaffirming my philosophy that you should only run 2 marathons a year.  Or, better, you can only run 2 Quality marathons a year.

If Boston is your priority, history beckons so you’d better roll it hard and fast.  You won’t have ample recovery time to come back and run Lincoln with the respect it is due.  Every single marathon deserves your utmost, only when you retire from them does that ring truest.

Walter Key.  Thank you for making the Lincoln Marathon your spring peak.  Walt was already entered into the OKC Marathon on April 27th but changed his plan to accommodate his NRGE mates’ quest for the team title at our association championships.

This is our Priority.