A gal I used to work with was an enigma.  She ran marathon after marathon, winning most, sub 2:40s all.  She was finally busted, Mary Akor, shame on you.  Raised eyebrows are often harbingers of truth.  You see what seems incredible and it makes you wonder.

Its happening right here in Omaha too.   Need not be at a national level, cheaters know no bounds.  Damn the drugs and the users.  You’re the very worst of our sport.

Better hurry and register for Ni-Bthaska-Ke before the entry fee goes up tonight.  From a low $40 to still a deal at $45.  We’ve surpassed 100 thus far and are anticipating a record turnout.

The Two Rivers Twosome has already doubled our participation numbers from last year.  Still time to go to active.com and register, keeping the entry at a bare $25.  You can also register at packet pick up and on race morning.  Packet pick up will be Thursday, February 13th at the Peak Performance located at 168th & West Center.

I recently heard from one of the top runners in Nebraska.  Won’t name names but had a very astute observation:
“Personally I would be a fan of only one club in Nebraska that aimed at getting the talent level in the state competitive nationally. Right now divided I don’t think our state is achieving that. But that’s just how things are now.”

Well yes we did enjoy that at one time.  Interesting suggestion and not one I’m personally in favor of any more.  Too many egos, personalities, and agendas to squeeze onto one team.   I think there is plenty of room for multiple clubs.  Having said that I do think there should be one club that attracts the Best Talent.   Just my opinion of course.

Feliz Vierenes and Giddyup Broncos!