The old saying is true, often times you can’t see the forest for the trees.  It takes a keener vision, an almost intuitive sense, to grasp The Bigger Picture.  Daring to predict it, Genius to actualize it.  Helps to be Fearless, Seemingly Reckless, Single Minded, Unwavering.

These cats that are showing up for Wednesday Night Track Work are starting to get a clearer view, becoming Masters of Their Own.  Eight weeks into the season, with some weather cancellations, the core group is becoming defined.  And Determined.

They’ve stepped outside, nay above, their preconceived notions of limitations.  They cast their eyes down, amazed at what emanates.  From Within.  Each repeat a root, each recovery a limb, each week a ring, each personal best New Growth.  Rising above to unknown heights, exhilarating in the Better View that comes only with Maximum Effort.

Who dares demand this Excellence?  Why just little old me.

Upper 80s last night and the order of the day was quarters.  Hard as hell on the hottest Wednesday of the year.  90% effort.  Minimum 6, maximum 10.  A trio of our NRGE studs banging out mostly low to mid 70s, finishing with Kyle’s flurry of :66s as he trains up to kick Pete’s butt ( and yours!) at the Lincoln Mile.  Not to be outdone Pete is running 60 miles on Saturday and will gloat when Kyle drops after the first 30, here kitty kitty kitty.   But Jessica and Amy, running all of theirs sub 2 and finishing with a 1:52, made the evening for us all.

Linda’s Kids Fit Program, sponsored by Gretna Family Health, was very well attended and a couple of emerging young talents have captured our attention, Giddyup Sydney and Hudson!


You would think Amy and Jessica were old pros they way they tackled the quarters, only weeks removed from their first introduction to the track.


Brett led group 2 with Bill and Gary and Greg fast on his heels.

emersonEmerson shows great downhill form.  She set a personal best at the Boys Town kids run thanks to the coaching prowess of Linda and the good genes from Coach John.