Before I get to where I’m going a little detour to address results corrections from yesterday.  Thanks to Jeremy Morris and Shawn Palandri for the amplifications.

From Jeremy: ” I actually ran 22 laps for a total of 71.5 miles.  The only results i was able to find were on red dirt running page and showed 21 laps but the chip timing missed my 10 th lap as you view the laps you can see that i ran consistent through out the day and ran my 10th lap just under 31 min but it was recorded as a 1hr and 2min + lap.  Apparently other runners had this same problem.  I contacted Scott and am waiting on a response.  I don’t believe he has the official results posted yet.  I did walk a few hills as i was not able to run the whole time.  But i sure tried.”

From Shawn: “Shawn Palandri took 2nd place in the 12 hour jaunt.  Not too shabby for someone who spends more time on a bike and in a pool, rather than on foot.”

At the awards ceremony Shawna Young was announced as the 3rd place female, three of her laps were not included in the results**, the correction was pointed out and made good on.

Having worked all ends of race management I’m sensitive to the difficulty of timing and results.  Understand that sometimes errors occur, and always strive to make sure the necessary adjustments are addressed.

**important to note the difference between official and preliminary results.

Dropping the bucket into my wishing well and pulling out some of the best for the following:

Kaci Lickteig at this weekend’s Western States 100.  I’ve heard prognostications from those more learned than I, indicating everything from top ten to an overall win at the most prestigious ultra trail run in the United States.  I read a good if lengthy interview with her here: http://www.irunfar.com/2014/06/the-pixie-ninja-cometh-a-conversation-with-kaci-lickteig.html  Coy girl not to mention she has Olympic Trial Marathon credentials in her corner, she may have the best pure leg speed of the top 10, could be her surprise card.

And Best Wishes to our mate Cameron Cummings as he is driving across America to Boston to begin the next chapter in his medical career.   Nice of him to make it out Sunday for our group run.  Great guy, talented, brilliant, handsome, faster than you.  He’ll do well.  And we are thrilled that he will be our East Coast contingent for NRGE.  Once a mate, always a mate.

And also for Bob Miyake.  He is headed the other direction and moving to Las Vegas.  The guy that nobody knew was exactly like me.  Same build, same spirit, same principles, his own man.  Bob and wife Christine stopped by the Bar None yesterday to bid farewell.  And to say that I got an absolute steal on the custom fitted Trek Madone 5.1 and accessories would be an understatement.

I’ll miss both Bob and Cameron.  These are men that I have been proud to advocate for and to know as Real Friends.