Quick trip this morning to the Saunders County Museum for their annual rummage sale.  Picked up some much needed hand tools, I’ll be putting up a potting shed soon to maximize my winter months.

Spent the next, and last few, hours giving the old sand point well in the barn some love and encouragement.  Carl, with his wisdom of 83 years, sitting alongside instructing and supervising my every move.  Motor decoupled, check valve disassembled, inspected and put back together.  Brought out mom’s old .22 rifle and did what I was told.  Three shots straight down the well to dislodge any potential obstructions, whatever was holding things back.  Everything put back together and then over 2 hours of tweaking pressures, flow rates, and fittings.

VIOLA!  We’ve now got clean, cold, clear water at our fingertips, right next to the garden and poultry.  We’ll still use the rain barrels as needed but Oh What A Relief It Is.  Good People make Good Neighbors.  I picked my 2 best heads of lettuce yesterday.  Delivered them to the two neighbors I had not yet shook hands with.  Our New Leaves well received, fitting right in.



As with all agrarian efforts I’ll be modeling the potting shed initiative after my Garden Guru Steve Kunasek.  He built this sweet shed last fall, South facing and all the right materials (plenty of windows, heavily insulated) allowed it to reach a balmy 72 degrees in February.  Jump starting the growing season by a full 30 days.

20140624_134951The boulevard of his South Omaha home a veritable paradise.  Not a blade of regular grass anywhere on the property.