How’s that membership to the tanning salon?  That little nip and tuck your vanity was sure you needed?  Are you pretty now?  Teeth whitened?    Appropriate body art/modifications?  Getting close?  Maybe a little testosterone to help your running?  Got you feeling all better?

Interesting what goes for tomatoes these days.  Those better living through cosmetic chemistry imposters you see on the store shelves.  Uniformity the order of the day.  Every single “undesirable” trait bred right the heck out of existence.  Ever wonder who the hell is calling these shots?

Americans want fine rounded shoulders.  And as red as the rest of the fruit too.  Every tomato, every time.  Why?  Superficiality.  The same reason that artificial tan and smile hold sway.  The weak and gullible gobbling down the media’s definitions of what is not only pretty, but palatable and acceptable too.  Lemmings easily led to common thoughts, so many ditto heads.

So caught up in the fantasy of “perfection” that the Best and Tastiest are often overlooked, or worse, dismissed and ignored.

But Oh What You Miss being blinded by others prescriptions and perceptions.

Peace Vine.  Pink Berkley.  Chianti Rose.  Hillbilly.  Green.  Heirloom tomato varieties.  Allowed to blossom and thrive.  Diverse appearances and flavors, still valued and appreciated by those interested in the Truly Finer things in life.  Real Things.  Even ugly things, offering something special and rare, just below the skin, can change your mind in an instant if given the chance.

I don’t need or want to move among the “pretty”.  Prefer the real, the rare, the individual.  Imperfect shoulders and all.


The depth, flavor, and complexity of those that are less than “perfect” are the Best.  Just like people.