Spartan?  Maybe.  Off the grid?  Trying.  Self sufficiency?  That’s the goal.

Being on the farm has brought me round, to roots.  The solitary.  Time in my head.  Time best spent.  Thinking about things both big and small.  Getting close to putting an old aerial antenna on top of the house.  Nightly news, America Ninja Warrior, football season, maybe Jeopardy.  All those come on the “big 3” networks, I won’t be the only one out here to pull cable’s life support.  Getting back to the basics.

Running is paralleling.  Stripping down to how I started, little more than loin cloth and blown carbon rubber.  No watch.  No garmin wrist magic.  No fit bit.  No training log.  No socks damn it.  Getting in touch with the primal runner.  Wanting for nothing, caring for less.  Wary, alert.  Keen senses wrapped around heart rate and respirations and strides and temperature and wind and Every Good Thing.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

If you have facebook go visit Pete Kostelnick and read his Badwater recap.  Badwater Badass!   Stuff of Legend.

Congratulations to Australian Michael Shelley on his Commonwealth Games Gold Medal in the Marathon.  The Aussie’s first Games Marathon Gold in 20 years.

7/5- 24 hours
7/20- 6 hours
7/25- 12 hours
7/26- 8 hours
50 hours.  Two days, two hours.  The dates and times we have used air conditioning at the Bar None in 2014.  The Simple Life, the Good Life.