Do something nice for someone today.  Be someone’s friend.

Going to be hotter than hell in Grand Island this weekend, good luck to everyone running the half and full marathon, especially our mate James McGown in his masters debut.  If it is not your day go ahead and save a little something for the Freedom Run Half on Sept. 7th, cooler weather guaranteed!

Hydrate to frequent potty breaks!



This Big Jim pepper , now that’s what I’m talking about.  Beautiful and fiery, just like my dear sweet Linda!



These San Marzano tomatoes are perfect for a paste.  Roasted for 12 hours yesterday.

20140820_110917Bruce Newton came out on Wednesday to help get our winter heat together.  Here he demonstrates how to make a “Swedish Candle.”  We’ll light it at the Beer Mile tomorrow night.

10580123_10152650516153588_3019788413207990615_nNot a Friendly runner.  The disgruntled showboat got exactly what she had coming to her.  Posing the guns instead of Finishing The Race.  Ha, Ha, Ha!