Unless you are a True Believer.  Is it really a stretch that a no stride having, no speed sporting, no laurel wearing, baseball playing, strike rolling, utterly determined runner can win our USATF LDR Grand Prix Championships?

My money says yes.

In It To Win It.

Kyle Clouston and Pete Kostelnick have squared the first annual GP Series dead in their sights.  If not currently leading, the least likely of characters are right near the top.  I’m betting Kyle takes the accolades and Pete takes second.  You heard it here first.

Glad these ferocious boys are Good Mates.  Ferocious?  Why yes, gentle reader.  How so Guru?  Like this y’all:  Both Kyle and Pete will rock our USATF 10K Trail Championships tonight at the Harvest Moon Hustle, an unusual evening start making for an interesting double.  As soon as they cross the finish line they will hop in the car and make the 7 hour drive to Scottsbluff for tomorrow morning’s Nebraska USATF Road Half Marathon Championships.

Far Fetched.  And Fierce.