But first!  Dennis Kimetto’s 2:02:57 at Berlin was studly.  Sub seventy second quarters for 26.2 miles.   I know I’m in the minority but fully expect to see the WR go under 2 hours in my lifetime. By the way, the record was 2:18:04 when I was born in 1957 and they thought 2:10 was as ridiculous as a sub 2 sounds now.

Shalane Flanagan’s 2:21:14 in the same race was the 2nd fastest ever by an American, only bested by Deena Kastor’s 2:19:36 at the 2006 London Marathon.  And speaking of Deena, her Masters WR of 1:09:39 in Philly a couple of weeks ago is the stuff you kids will talk about when you are my age.

How many fellas in Nebraska can match that 40 year old woman’s prowess?  One or two or none?

When we arrived in Scottsbluff for our USATF Nebraska Association Half Marathon Championships we were greeted by our mate Pete Kostelnick gracing the front page of the Star-Herald.  When we departed our mate Kyle Clouston was the front page star.  Thanks again to Race Director Jennifer Rogers for the hospitality and to Tom Rohrick of Care Chiropractic for taking care of Linda and my entries.  Outstanding support and swag, one of the best managed events I’ve seen in Nebraska.

The course around the Scottsbluff National Monument was beautiful.  The first 5 miles on roads, mostly climbing, then onto some rough gravelly terrain for the next 6, back onto the road for the next 1 and then a final 1.1 on the dirt to the finish.

NRGE was best represented with 4 athletes Pete Kostelnick (4th, 1:21:38), Kyle Clouston (6th, 1:27:39),  Linda and me.  All brought home hardware except your scribe.  Team Nebraska was next with Meghan Schneider (2nd, 1:35:23) and Geoff Groskopf (8th 1:29:14).  LRC Racing was not represented.  Congratulations to Meghan on her NE Assoc. win.  The top two men were Aaron Carrizales (unattached, 1:16:57) and Ivan Marsh (unattached, 1:18:15).  complete results at :

If you are interested in who really runs for whom (sometimes web page rosters are waaaay out of date):  Merely type in the athlete’s name and it will give you their club affilliation.  I needed to check the membership of Aaron and Ivan to confirm that they are indeed unattached as they are currently listed on cub rosters.

Pete and Kyle’s amazing double was just that.  They finished 8th & 9th respectively at the previous evening’s Harvest Moon Hustle in Elmwood, arrived in Scottsbluff at a little after 3:00 am and still ran well on fumes.  And nothing else.  Clean as a whistle those two, above suspicion and reproach.  Stacy Shaw was 3rd overall female at the Hustle.  Pretty amazing that a 48 year old woman can still take a top 3 spot in an association championships.  Where have all the fast open women in Nebraska run off to?  LRC Racing dominated the field with over 10 entrants, NRGE had 3, and Team Nebraska was not represented.  Complete results at :

Riddle me this:  When does silly become just plain non-relevant?  Answer:  Already.


The Good Mates enjoying the post race.  I was the only one not to win an award.  Linda reminded me that she is my reward, aww how sweet.  Pete and Kyle, glad to call you friends as well as mates, a distinction very much appreciated and not lost on me.  Peace, Love, Run.