Fantastical: conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable; bizarre.

OK so this column occasionally fits the fantastical bill.  And I’m sure there are those that feel I’m rather odd if not remarkable and the bizarre shoe fits once in a while too.  So be it.

A man of convictions I feel the need to speak my own truth.  And even though my words some times skirt the peripherary, if you look close enough I’m always targeting the Heart of the Matter.

Opened up this morning’s OWH sports page, a fine article on Lincoln North Star’s Jeralyn Poe, going for the quadruple I mentioned in yesterday’s rant, All Class Gold X 4.  I have a feeling its a done deal.  Also included in the coverage was the announcement that Seth Hirsch is recovered from his stress fracture, has 4 weeks of training, and will race.  And that he’s a sophomore.  He could still win it.  My sentiments remain unchanged regarding his handling earlier this year, outside the guidance of his high school coach.  Max Kurz has nothing but my respect.

Closing out on yesterday’s theme, I received an email from frequent contributor Mitch, posing questions as to the logic of my approach to racing and defeating wunderkinds (of any age).  He cites the lack of competition as the reason for the race results we witnessed.  Listed those that did race and asked what I other outcome I might have expected.  My Point Exactly.  Where were those few that could have, should have?  They were not pulled together and given a mission, that much is clear.  Man my ideas of leadership are sooooo old school.

The Goatz 50K is Sunday.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite of course will show up as a barnstorming force, stamping and tramping the name all over Lake Cunningham.  USATF  Nebraska Association 50K Trail Champs.  Pure poetry.  Sensational symmetry.  What reindeer games?

Wrapping up another solid week of training.  Yesterday’s mile repeats a dozen ticks faster than two weeks ago, same effort level.  Every half mile split of each mile exactly the same, based on cadence and form instead of pure effort.  Coming around.  Two hard workouts and a long run per week.  And at least one day off, most of the time two .  The remaining two to three days easy and short.  Long way to go, plenty of time to get there.

Thank you to one of my favorites for sending the link to Amy Selwyn’s blog.  She’s got bigger balls than me, or at least doesn’t have the same parameters of decorum that I must use, given my wide reading audience, sponsors, etc.  But she Absolutely Nails my approach to life, please take a moment to enjoy her recent “How to Live Life Like a M**********r”


Picture post card perfect.  Pass this country comfort daily.

20140922_163651This one too.  Nothing but blue skies do I see, product of my fantastical, unrestrained imagination.