Single digits got nothing on me.  Flannel is a farmer’s best friend when the mercury plunges.  On my way to the favorite thrift store this morning, looking to score some lined britches for a song and dance for my pants.

Our mates Pete Kostelnick & Kyle Clouston & Ashley Schurman will certainly be needing some warmth at this weekend’s 24/12/6 Hour Ultra Runs at Buffalo park in Wichita.  A 1.232 mile USATF Certified loop, again and again and again and again.  Pete is hitting the 24 hour with a goal of 123 miles covered.  That will be his 3rd 100 miler this year.  Kyle and Ashley tackling the 6 hour, expect all our mates to come back heavily decorated.

Did you know that the GLH has a benevolent side?  Raised and donated over $10K to local chairities.  Fine job men!

As Linda and I were driving in town this week to interview a potential new mate I made the following statement.  “I don’t care what her prs are as long as she is an athlete.”  We’d been contacted by this young lady and I was excited, sight unseen.  As always, if you read this column and still reach out to me, well that says a lot about your strength of character.  If you withstand the flame thrower of my standard queries, indicate you are willing to face the tempering without questions or critique, I can build a competitive reputation on that cornerstone.  With that NRGE would like to welcome Allison Moy-Borgan.  I’ve taken this recent Portland, OR transplant and former collegiate soccer player under my developmental wing.  Because she is an athlete and has indicated a willingness to work hard and committ to the program.  At 23 years old I’ve issued her first pair of sunglasses, her future’s so bright.

Thanks to the many of you for the emails this week.  Always a treat for me to realize there are regular readers, from across the map and competitive spectrum.  About half agree and the other half not.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Still time to register at our lowest rate of $40 for the 9th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs set for Saturday, April 4th.  Prices will increase by $5 on December 1st.  And as always, active military will enjoy a constant $25 special rate.