Or, “For The Love of Pete!”

Pete Kostelnick, nee Boone Badass, nee Badwater Badass, The All Day Man.  Few in the ultra circles can circle a circle like our mate.  Went down to Wichita,, did his thing like no one else does, covering 123 miles in 23 hours and change.  Waiting on confirmation as a new Kansas state record for the 24 hour run.  Nebraska’s most accomplished male ultra runner of the year.  Representing the most accomplished ultra running club in Nebraska.

Ashley Schurman continued her arc into the ultra scene competing in the accompanying 6 hour run.  Feet bloodied and butchered, emotions and hills both on rollercoasters, pain and suffering and doubt and tears and more suffering and more pain.  To a podium finish, third in around 38 .something miles.  We saw her feet after winning the Goatz 50K a couple of weeks ago, somebody needs to name an award after her little piggies.

El Jefe also made the trip.  He is completing Level One of The Training Program.  Has to serve 1000 hours crewing/manservanting for Pete to be considered for Level Two, Sherpas and Altitude.

So as the year, at least the competitive calendar winds down, Nebraska Run Guru Elite is still in a good place to be.  With all our balls in the air.  Top ultra and trail cats, emerging and formidable women’s marathon team, potentially the top 5-10K guy in the state.  That’s the way I see things.


You’ve got to get up pretty early to catch Ashley and Kyle and Pete.


Kyle’s arduous training includes subservient tasks such as packing the champagne, (shown here doing a temperature check) ministering to blisters, driver, head cheerleader and all around obedient guy.   Appearing soon on an upcoming episode of “Breaking Amish” with Vanilla Ice.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne hundred laps behind these big boys, juevos mas grande do todos!   For Pete’s Sake!