Dating is hard.  Sometimes people get their feelings hurt.  Maybe a more attractive option comes along?  Possibly swayed by another’s siren song?  Grass is always greener?

I first met with Valley YMCA Executive Director Judy Argintean last January to explore adding a new event to the fall calendar, the Freedom Run Half Marathon.  The first Sunday in September, no locally competing events, always the Very First thing I look at.

The second person I talked to was Tom Whitaker.  Called him immediately after meeting with Judy.  Told him of the new event and petitioned support from the Omaha Running Club.  Let him know that we were planning on adding a marathon in 2015, same first weekend in September.   Tom let me know that ORC leadership couldn’t support the Freedom Run due to the fact the Buffalo Run in Lincoln was the same day.  Not wanting to sully the calendar, or relationships with the Lincoln Track Club, by competing against it.  Well, ok.

We have all now learned that ORC’s inaugural Heartland Marathon is scheduled for the first weekend in September, 2015.  Well, ok.

The dating game.  A rogue’s game.

No one has wanted a Real marathon for Omaha more than I, and glad someone else is doing it.  I’ve had membership, one tiny voice in ORC since 2001, and will do everything I can to support my new hometown marathon.

Out of respect to Tom, the Omaha Running Club, and the Heartland Marathon, the Freedom Run has been moved to the second weekend in September 2015.  And won’t be adding a marathon.  September 13, 2015, mark your calendars.