Quite a few Nebraskans and former Nebraskans toed yesterday’s California International Marathon starting line, hoping for stellar times promised by one of the fastest net downhill courses in the United States.

Eric Noel, LRC Racing,   2:22:40 (27th o/a***, 13th 25-29)
Luka Thor, Team Nebraska,  2:25:59 (36th o/a, 17th 25-29)
Ryan Regnier, LRC Racing,  2:41:28 (105th o/a, 14th 35-39)
Brian Wandzilak, LRC Racing, 2:44:49 (128th o/a, 34th 30-34)
Chuck Smith, unattached, 2:49:16 (157th o/a, 16th 40-44)
Tom Nichols, LRC Racing, 1:10:01 through the half, DNF <Parker, CO>

***men’s overall exclusive of the women placing above them.

Lisa Baumert, Twin Cities Elite, 2:43:38, 26th o/a, 16th 25-29) originally from Fremont
Natalie Como*- Sonoran Distance Project, 2:48:05, (41st o/a, 18th 25-29) <Phoenix>
Shannon Mauser- Suing, Team Nebraska, 2:49:35, (45th o/a, 9th 35-39)
Megan Zavorka– Team Nebraska, 2:54:20, (60th o/a, 24th 25-29)
Emily Kraus– * 3:03:10, (93rd o/a, 31st 25-29) <Palo Alto, CA>

**women’s overall results exclusive of the men placing above them

*used to run for me before moving out of state

2014 California International Marathon
Sub 2:20= 22
Sub 2:30= 53 (includes 1 woman)
Sub 2:40= 111 (includes 13 women)
Sub 2:45= 158 (includes 27 women)
Sub 3:00= 379 (includes 88 women)
Sub 3:30= 1245 (includes 257 women)

For contrast:

2014 Des Moines Marathon
Sub 2:20= 5
Sub 2:30= 9
Sub 2:45= 21 (includes 4 women)
Sub 3:00= 42 (includes 5 women)
Sub 3:30= 181 (includes 29 women)

Observation:  Luka Thor (2:22:28, Des Moines Marathon, Oct. 19 ) narrowly edged Eric Noel’s 2:22:40 as the fastest men’s marathon for the year.  I have a lot to say about Luka being encouraged to run another quality marathon only 6 weeks after Des Moines.  None of it good.  If you look at the “compensation” factor of 2-3 (at least) minutes for the net downhill course Luka should have been capable of 2:19 or better at CIM.  Didn’t happen because there is no way in hell his body could have properly recovered from DM.  The fact that he was even entered into CIM speaks volumes as to the dire need of sound guidance for this young man.  I really do not like to see him done this way.  Tell me to mind my own business?  Luka is my business.  My long term personal investment in him compels me to speak out against the wasting of his of talent.  You have only so many marathons in your body, and only one or two good ones that will ever matter.  Two marathons a year, one in the spring, one in the fall, not 6 weeks apart for goodness sakes.

What say you?