Here you go folks.  Our Nebraska Association’s finest!  Or not.

With all due respect to everyone and their far better talent,  but little for their excuses, on how things shook out this year.  Decent prize money for the top 3 in each division.

How the hell did Kyle Clouston win this thing?  And Pete Kostelnick 2nd?  The two slowest guys on the list are the top two.  Kyle is a 275 league bowler with a .450 batting average and .985 % fielding average as a third baseman.  And our 2014 LDR GP Champion!


In it to win it!  That’s how.  Sound familiar?

From the mile through 50K road and trail runs.  He tackled everything and everyone.  Didn’t finish first in a single race.  Made the GP his own year long ultra endeavor, committed to doing as many of the races as possible.  And did it.

Studs or duds.  Be careful how you answer because it is a direct reflection on your committment to the series, its athletes, its clubs, its races and management, its results and even USATF.  Coulda, woulda, shoulda?  You’ve got next year to back it up.

If you didn’t participate, beat it.

If you did and aren’t happy with the results, cry me a river.  Everyone knew what it would take to win.  Kyle declared as much ten weeks ago, beseeched competition.  Crickets.

LRC Racing showed that they are the New Wave in Nebraska as far as depth of talent and desire to compete.  Their second year in a row to completely dominate Team Nebraska, I’m allowed to wax wistful.

Five Teams and one unattached athlete (Kaci Lickteig) represented in the Open Women  category.   One TN woman.

And only two Team Nebraska runners, tied at the bottom of the open men.  No representation in either masters category.  Sad.

Giving Colin Morrissey a flyer due to his nearly year long injury, but where were his mates?  A USATF Elite Development Club, that based on empirical evidence, is not supporting our Nebraska Association Grand Prix efforts.   Or our National Championships for that matter.  How long can those former laurels of mine remain green before they are snatched across the river?  I don’t like to say never, but it’ll never happen.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite’s Stacy Mangers Shaw, just shy of 49 and still clean as a whistle, took the Masters women title and Linda was 3rd.  No surprises there.  The Sheriff and her Deputy taking home the lions share of $$ in that division.

Ivan Marsh, loner and renegade that he is, tackled the variety of distances and surfaces to win the masters men’s crown.  Unattached- though still listed on Team Nebraska’s web roster.  Makes things confusing for those trying to keep an honest ledger.   Mike Wasson and I both show on the top 5 for masters men.

USATF Grand Prix Final Standings

Open-Women Total Points
1 Hayley Sutter 63 (LRC)
2 Frankie Petersen 59 (LRC)
3 Kaci Lickteig 50 (UNATTACHED)
4 Megan Zavorka Thomas 25 (TEAM NEBRASKA)
5 Adeline Hohman 13 (WOMEN RUN NEBRASKA)
6 Michelle Paxton 12 (OISELLE)
7 Tammy Consbruck 9 (NEBRASKA RUN GURU ELITE)

Masters – Women Total Points
2 Maureen Larsen 52 (LRC)
3 Linda Kunasek 35 (NEBRASKA RUN GURU ELITE)
4 Ann Bauermeister 25 (LRC)

Open – Men Total Points
1 Kyle Clouston 74 (NEBRASKA RUN GURU ELITE)
2 Peter Kostelnick 63 (NEBRASKA RUN GURU ELITE)
3 Ryan Regnier 50 (LRC)
T-4 Jason Zakaras 44 (LRC)
T-4 Andrew Jacob 44 (LRC)
5 Brian Wandzilak 43 (LRC)
6 Ryan Dostal 31 (LRC)
7 Logan Watley 29 (LRC)
T-8 Trevor Vidlak 25 (LRC)
T-8 Eric Noel 25 (LRC)
T-10 Colin Morrissey 23 (TEAM NEBRASKA)
T-10 York Thomas 23 (TEAM NEBRASKA)

Masters – Men Total Points
1 Ivan Marsh 78 (UNATTACHED)
2 Darin Schlake 67 (LRC)
3 Brian Kelley 45 (LRC)
5 Will Lindgren 32 (HEY NOW!)
6 Tom Woods 23 (LRC)
7 Craig Christians 9 (LRC)