I take no pleasure whatsoever in today’s column.

I’ve been knocking heads lately with both leadership and general membership of our USA Track & Field Nebraska Association (muckraking, seriously?).  I’ve been told to stay out of the LDR business for the betterment of the program.  The last 3 LDR Chair elections proof enough of that.  The current Association Championships and “Grand Prix” another bowl of pudding proof to examine.   I’ve tried to steer the process  towards conformance with the bylaws and governance of our organization.  And been told to butt out, this is the way things are going to go down whether I like it or not, whether it follows the rules no matter.  I’m sure those insisting on such have their reasons but by the gods they are wrong.  And it may well come back to bite us all in the ass.

That was the easy part of today’s column.  Here’s the hard part.

I’m just as guilty as those I’ve been badgering.

In USATF, sometimes one person matters more than the costumed, beer swilling, jogging masses.

Zach Hine ran the Twin Rivers YMCA Freedom Run half marathon in 1:04:48 to earn the 2016 USA Olympic Trials Marathon standard.    Even with the extremely low number of our Nebraska association athletes participating (1, maybe 2?) I should have as a matter of course filed the appropriate, and as it turns out mandated by the rules, sanctioning forms.

Sadly, I did not submit the sanctioning paperwork.   I accept full and complete responsibility.  And now Zach’s time is not being allowed as a 2016 USA Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier, solely based on that administrative error.

So go ahead and say the hell with me and the hell with the rules of our organization.  The organization that you paid a membership to be a part of.  The organization whose primary purpose is the development of Olympic caliber athletes.  The hell with it all, right?

Wrong.  We’re both wrong.