I hope you got to watch Boston this morning.  It was the type of race, with Americans up front for much, that fired a bunch of us up over 30 years ago.  The icons of that generation spoiled us with the size of their huevos.  We came to expect our heroes to be up front, with hubris.  In It To Win It.

What happened in the interim is subject to much speculative and argumentative discussion.

I truly believe though someone somewhere today was moved.  To pursue their own personal excellence.  To think, “I’m going to do that too.”  That’s the way it starts, with races by Americans against the best in the world.  On the biggest stages.

Congratulations to Amber Sargent and her 2:58:32.  Great run on a tough day and course. I was absolutely pleased with the way she controlled her first half of the race.  And to Cameron Cummings, his 2:33:45 also solid on this Patriot’s Day.  Proud to call you both Nebraska Run Guru Elite.