I’m still a little emotional from yesterday’s Boston.  Reflecting on the hows and whys of the tears I was shedding watching Dathan and Meb and Desi.

Few people have cared more or invested as much in American distance running than I have.  Locally, regionally, nationally.  I’ve made it a life’s passion and work.  To see that bold trio yesterday, after decades of lacking, was a personal vindication that my time and energies were well spent.

I’ve known Desi since the 2004 Olympic Trials Marathon in St. Louis.  Hung out with Meb since the late 90s and rubbed shoulders with Dathan.  To see them yesterday pushing the pace, leading the international fields, yes, that was a moment that had me delving deep into the question “Has it all been worth it?  Have the struggles and personal intersections that have defined my time, especially in Nebraska, produced a worthy outcome?  Yes.

While Cameron Cummings and Amber Sargent didn’t carry a USATF Nebraska Association membership into Boston, they did proudly wear our NRGE kit and were the first male and female finishers from any club in Nebraska.

I hope that you are like me in that you were moved by yesterday’s race.  And if you weren’t, then you’re not.