This strange box in front of me is getting mighty long in the tooth.  Miles built it for me 7 years ago now, on the cheap then, practically worthless now.  Except for this daily sunshine.  Some days, like yesterday, I simply get tired of waiting for stuff to load and head outside.  The the fresh air takes over and all is right with the world.

In the Why They Run The Race department I would have loved to have been in Lincoln yesterday when Elsa Forsberg (5:05.86)  did a fine impression of Mine That Bird.  She outran a who’s who of high school elite girls at the Harold Scott Invitational.  Taylor Somers (5:06.58), Katie Spencer (5:07.24), and Alex Altmaier (5:10.84) were all in the track race of the year.

Stephen Vangampleare ran the Boston Marathon in 2:33 and some change.  Astute observers recollect him as the same cat that won the 2014 Omaha Marathon.

Put in 250 patterson onions yesterday.  Three varieties of Kale.  Three varieties of turnips.  Five varieties of beets.  Leeks and garlic and red onions and carrots and a boat load of radishes already up and at em.

Hope you all have a good weekend with great running and racing.

Peace, Love, Chickens.