I’ll raise pints today to honor two men.  My son Miles turns 23 today.  He had a hard go stuck between a tough old man and the exact opposite.  He’s in Colorado now doing exactly what I did at that age.  Making his own way and he fortunate enough to be sharing it with the love of his life.   So here’s a beer to you son, I hope that someday we can share one.

I’ll also toast the passing of Gary Julin.  He was a real icon of the Omaha, and Nebraska, running community for decades.  One small part of his fame featured him in a television commercial for the 1984 Olympics.  We eventually got to know each other well enough that he ran for me in the red and white his last couple years of running.  That he would don that kit and support that vision said all you need to know about him as a runner.   Competitive.  There will be a lot of tales from many people that knew him much better than I.   You should all run one mile in his memory today.

The Good Mother’s Circle.   To borrow and paraphrase a favorite quote, “It’s not the numbers on your stone its the little dash between them.”

Its what you do while you have days that really matters, doing what gives you the most life.  Today I’ll celebrate two men that exemplify that notion.  Join me in raising a pint to them both.