Here’s the deal.  This Sunday morning will provide an inkling.  At last year’s Lincoln Marathon our Nebraska Run Guru Elite runners were such heavy underdogs, flew so far under the radar, commanded such little respect, and then post race were summarily dismissed as the best men’s marathon team in Nebraska.  Granted, there are a hundred (thousand$) reasons why we should be no better than second or third.  Everyone else is so much faster and talented is the hue and cry.

Here’s why.  Pointilism.  Each dot contributing to the bigger picture.  There’s not an athlete (yet) on this team that will strike fear into the hearts of their competitors.  And really, we’re just such a small club, eyebrows are hardly raised when the kit lines up.  So what is it that elevates our marathoners, in the results at least, as a club?

The Race.  The Marathon itself.  That ultimate challenge for the endurance runner.  Humbling the speedy, breaking the strong, messing up the pretty.  We have a couple runners in the half marathon and certainly I’m not dissing any one any where for any scheduling decisions.  But this club, Nebraska Run Guru Elite, makes the Lincoln Marathon our Most Important race of the year.  We took the fictional team title at last year’s, crowed about it, trained up again, and will be back to defend the crown that matters only to us.  Some no name guys and girls that aren’t flashy, just hungry.  You want some?  We hope so.

And because a fast half marathon is a necessary step to marathon success Kathryn Merrill will be racing the Brookings Half Marathon this Saturday.  She has nailed just about every single workout in my marathon training program.  The same one Kyle and Stacy and Jessica and Alli and Ashley have been using.  A hybrid of my collective coaching knowledge.   On Monday I’ll call it Pudding.