I’ve been known to go far in order to make a point.  But I’ve got nothing on the three cats that follow.

This weekend Kaci Lickteig is running the most prestigious ultra race in the United States, Western States 100.  She is ranked as a top 10 favorite but my local long distance sources tell me she could surprise with a top 5 finish.  Hell, I hope she wins the thing.

Derek Fey is on day 3 of his TransNebraska run.  Averaging roughly 50 miles/day.  Going  the extra mile to raise money for his College of Saint Mary XC team.  Trip to the Mountain Dew Classic in Gainesville, Florida this coming September the end result.  You can follow Derek’s progress at  You can also make a donation to help the fundraiser.  You’ll feel good about yourself if you do!  Jay Birmingham must be proud.

Pete Kostelnick is kind of trumping everyone in my opinion.  I can’t spill the Full Beans on his training,  and I’m merely speculating here, which is what a Good Blogger does, I’m guessing he’s been averaging at least 120-140 for quite a spell recently.  Don’t quote me on that.  I did hear whispers of a recent 160 mile week.  And of a “simulation” run this past weekend that included numbers like 70 miles and 10 hours and Full  Sweats.  Death Valley anyone?  One thing I will say for certain is that  I’ve rarely met a runner so fully committed to a goal.  And back  to personal conjecture, the possibility of a magical finish at maybe the Toughest Race in the World.

Pretty amazing to me that we have Nebraskans eyeing potential podium  finishes at Western States and Badwater.