Bigger than you.  My position is that the competitive running scene in Nebraska is growing, maturing.  Fiefdoms are finding common ground.  The relevant players are weighing in, both online and off.  Those that care about the success and growth of our USATF Nebraska Association LDR Program.  The program is bigger than all of us.

There are a lot of levels of interest and support, not everyone sports a flashy kit or competitive airs.  There are those with membership for membership sake.  To bolster the growth of Nebraska distance running, at all levels.  Parents, coaches, officials, administrators.

These are the people that care about USATF.  And these are the people that will find the positive and build upon it.  The ones that will withstand the critics and sneers that have and will continue efforts to stall progress.

The sport, our sport.  Its bigger than me.  And bigger than you.