My writing career began back in 1983.  I had just founded The Gulf Coast Windbreakers.  Our monthly newsletter “The Breeze” included race results, training tips, interviews, and strong opinions.  Same as it ever was.

One of the most popular features was race results.  I’d compile finish lists at the races in which I competed.  Pencil and paper.  The Breeze was usually ahead but always on par with the races themselves in getting out results.  That was the only source back then.  You waited for the snail mail to deliver your official  results from the race.  And in this way back, most races did just that.

Most of you can’t imagine the archaic methods required, the non instant gratification predating your immediate worlds.  The huge boxes that constituted technology of the day cumbersome, burdensome, confounding and slow.  Much different than the tiny, powerful, confounding and slow machines of  today.

I subscribed to Race Results Weekly through the oughts and into 2012.  Made it my business to pour over results from around the  country.   Athlete Development Program and National Championships made it part of  my responsibilities to know who was running well, when and where too.  I took it Very  Seriously.

And now race results are available the  same morning of the event.  The timing companies, the races, the participants, all posting up in a moment.

But not always.  I’m still trying to find and  figure out  the results for the umpteenth  annual  Ralston 4th of July run.  I had an athlete entered thus my interest.  Understanding that this is a small if venerable and mostly social  event.  And appreciating there were race day issues with the  timing, order of  finish, and awards.  If you can help a brother out,  thanks for sending along a link, or even an old fashioned letter in the mailbox.