For all that’s been said here, there are tales from my life that are too far out there for most tender sensibilities.

My high school principal, Mr. William McKay, once chased a UFO, along with other cars and witnesses.  Central Illinois in the 70s.

My dad spent a week hunting a Bigfoot like creature in southeastern Missouri.

When working for the Will Co. Health Dept. I condemned the house of a man married to a monkey.

I ate exclusively with chop sticks for 10 years.

My brother left our hometown 40 years ago and has never returned.  I’ve seen him only  thrice.

My mom (rest her soul), my dad, and my sister all had false teeth by the age of 20.

My mom and brother never graduated high school.

My dad raised his family on less than $20K a year.

All the females on my maternal side have some degree of phobia(s).

My dad enlisted in the Illinois National Guard in 1968 to bust hippie’s heads at the Republican National Convention in Chicago.

My dad’s father died from Dust Bowl pneumonia during the Great Depression, leaving my grandma Katie to raise 7 kids.

After smoking up to 2 packs a day, I retired that vile habit December 31, 1979, at the stroke of midnight.

And started running the next day.

My 10K time trial  yesterday had me feeling 22 again!