Kyle said it best immediately after the finish.  You’ll have to check his facebook post for the exact 2 word quote, rhymes with Trucking Beachless.

Pete won in a dramatic way too.  For those of us up until after 1 last night, cheering every step up Whitney Portal, it was an amazing night.  He picked up the lead early, headed from miles 42-71 was passed by the course record holder, fought back to regain the pole, and never looked back en route to the 3rd fastest time in the storied history of the event, “The Toughest Race in the Word.”

There is no disputing the fact that for now at least, Pete is the Toughest ultra runner on the planet.

You’re either digging it or its pissing you off.  It’s a Great Day to be the Run Guru either way.  Thanks to our boy Pete.  He and El Jefe are headed to Las Vegas for some well earned celebration, I hope to have some words from them soon.

Simply amazing.