A bit of a lull until the fall racing campaign begins in earnest.

Good news is the Heartland Marathon has their course dialed in.  I’ll be the lead bike so run fast if you want my tour guide’s perspective.

Three of the fastest women’s marathoners (as a group!) in Nebraska will be toeing the line at Twin  Cities on Oct. 4th.  All are doing my program.  All are damned serious.  Brianna Adams (debut), Amber Sargent (2:56 pr), and Jessica Pape (3:07 pr) will be taking their fitness to test against the best.  Big Thanks to John Tully for his kind donation towards the effort!  And if you received a letter asking for  financial support for them I hope you will find  generosity in your heart.

We are moving towards getting our 501 (c) 3 status.  If you or anyone you know would like to help us out, please contact me.  We’ll be working on shoestrings and solicitations  until we get that piece of  our  Lincoln Marathon sponsorship dialed in.  Speaks a lot to  the dedication and determination of our athletes to be sure.

Bring back the mile.  I’ve been inundated with requests to bring back  the  Omaha Mile.  USATF Certification now has a following.  So does prize money.  I’m giving it serious consideration for the benefit of our  association.

I have only the second  biggest ego in Nebraska running.