After 30 months I don’t need much convincing.  Interesting take this past weekend on our market gardener lifestyle.  Healthy as a horse, strong as an ox, and even if stubborn as a mule, happy as a clam.

Took a class up in Hooper after the Fremont Market on Saturday.  Our friends at TLC Gardens presenting on fermentation and the benefits of incorporating probiotics into your daily  diet.  Brining with either sea salt or our own Bar None Bee Poop.  Easier than canning, it will become an adjunct to our best efforts.

Interestingly, diet is not the only source of probiotics and I take away much from the section called “Rewild Yourself”.  Mostly through exposure.  1. Use antibiotics only when necessary.  2. Enjoy the outdoors.  3. Grow a garden.  4.  Get a pet.  5. Use plain soap and water.  6. Go  barefoot.  7. Avoid antibiotic treated meat.  8.  Diversify diet.

And  with that, a Voila! moment.  I have become Peasant Strong.

Some running and racing around last weekend.  Des Moines came and went, good job to Matt Olberding and David Frost.  Both ran good races and got their BQs.

And hey now!  I’m impressed with the ability of Joe Sutter getting the city streets closed for the new Nebraska Marathon (*a half this year with marathon coming in 2016).  Check out the route at   I’ve seen nothing but praise.  The course map indicating a slightly hilly and moderate to heavily winding tour through far Eastern Douglas County, the  Riverfront, over the Pedestrian Bridge into Iowa and back.

And sounds like everyone that ran lucked  out  with the absolute perfect morning, seems every single runner set a half marathon personal best!  A quick check for USA Track & Field certification finds the race did not get it.  Get it?