I learned something yesterday morning.  Returned to my old dojo to do a 5 mile  tour with my favorite client.  Favorite because she gets me.  One hundred percent.  Jen proved her fortitude to me training up for the HITS Omaha Marathon.  Three days a week.  Pretty much nailed her goal.  Excellence.

Excellence, yes.  Elitist, no.  Doing the most and best with what you have.  Excellence.

Easy to take that elitist potshot when I spend so much time and effort advocating for the very best.  Advocating for the  very  best within you.  Potential.  And if fulfilled, Excellence.

I’ve worked with enough runners, of all abilities, to know that the statistical comparison is equal across all sub groups within our sport.  If you are fortunate enough to be born fleet, it sure gives you a leg up heading to the tape.  Does not guarantee Excellence though.  That other critical piece must be there and in equal measure.  Mental Toughness.  The Mind Is The Athlete.

Congratulations to Joe Moore of  the Kansas City Smoke.  His 2:18:43 at last weekend’s Toronto  Waterfront Marathon was good enough for 13th overall and 1st American.  Excellence.

Last two days spent getting the Run Guru Roadside Attraction squared away.  Athletic Art and Artifacts from the last 100+ years now housed and displayed in the barn/museum.

I’ll check results later today from the Nebraska State XC meet out in Kearney.  Seeing who the fleetest and most mentally tough are.  Giddyup!