I wrote it yesterday, put the numbers down, tilted my head to one side (like a chicken watching a card trick), looked at the numbers again, a bit uneasily this time, but had so many other thoughts on parade that I merely typed and moved on.

I’ll try this again for your benefit and mine.

14:12.  Fourteen hours, twelve minutes.  100 Miles.

There has been a mini explosion in ultra distance running in Nebraska.  The well attended GOATZ 50K this past weekend ample proof of the popularity of beyond the marathon and beyond beyond.   A great chance to bring out the lawn chairs and beer and tooting and wooting.  A mass participation event where the only thing that matters is the social, excepting of course the .001% that were in it to win it.  Everybody’s doin it, doin it, doin it.  *I don’t have privileges to certain sites on the internet and thus can’t find the  full results but I know Cory Logsdon took the win in a new CR.

But nobody’s doin it doin it doin it like Pete Kostelnick.  Nobody.

14:12 for 100 miles.  7:06 through 50 Miles  3:33 for 25 miles.  If my head has stopped spinning enough, I think I’m coming up with 8:30/mile.  For 100 miles.

He could have been sitting right in the middle of Lake Cunningham this weekend and maybe 3 people would have recognized him.

I’m declaring Pete the 2016 Nebraska Ultra Distance Runner of the Year.  If winning Badwater didn’t elevate him to the top of your poll, hopefully this jumble of barely intelligible numbers skyrockets him  to deserved recognition.

And after 35 years in our sport, I’ll sit here and continue to scratch my head at one of the most amazing runners I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling a Good Mate.