Checked the results for the .US National 12K this past weekend.  A lot of new names and fresh faces up near the top, making some noise.  Molly Huddle (31) was the women’s overall and one of the longest in tooth.

There were a slim few that joined Molly as athletes I recognize working with.  But by far the field, as it should, was dominated on both sides with names that I’ve seen or maybe not.  Young talent, the way of our sport.  Good kids.

I’m of the mind that there are plenty of  good kids in Nebraska.

An opinion shared by The Lincoln Marathon.  The most important marathon in Nebraska.  We’re lucky to have them.  Supporting good kids.  Walking the walk.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  is proud to have them as a Major Sponsor.

As is LRC Racing.  And Team Nebraska.  And the thousands of dollars in scholarships provided every year.

Fostering competition in Nebraska.  Giving opportunities to those that  deserve it, the Good Kids.