Breaking news out of Hades!  Ice crystals have begun to appear out of nowhere.  What has brought about the seismic shift in the fabric of time, space, and all we believe to be true?

I’m considering legitimate employment.  Responded to an ad and got a return call.  During that preliminary introduction I owned up to my style and principles and initial terms.  Hopefully the vetting process will be deep.

My style and principles.  Fabrics woven into this daily blog for over 10 years.  Starting and ending with freedom of speech.  Unwavering calls for honesty.  Celebrating excellence.  Describing mental toughness- The  Mind Is The Athlete.

Reporting on the running community.  A microcosm of the Real World.  Keeping arrow true to my heart.  Insight and Incite the result.  And Progress.

Moving mountains with words.  Shaping a landscape to foster long term athlete development.  Noble goals hard won over a decade.  Every tilt, each challenge, the blows and defeats, the soaring victories.  Part of our story as I’ve recorded it.

I’m a writer.  Poetic license granted by virtue of profession.  Certain embellishments, thinly or thickly veiled, messages, FYIs.  Regular readers, you know my style.  And Principles.

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