The Beastie Boys.  I’ve got a few beasties lined out for this Saturday’s Halley’s Comet 8K.  The final event in our underwhelming 2016 Two Rivers Winter Fitness Series.   It’s been a good and easy series with Linda and I raising the bigtop and poop scooping afterwards, a two person circus.

As with all good shows, you better have a good finish, you want to really wow them.  Or as I’m crowing, “We’re going to burn that sucker down”, that sucker of course being the 8K course.

My old buddy Hortense suggested Saturday may well be a portents.  I softened it to simply a harbinger, the Spring of ’16.

So who is going to “Make Some Noise?”  Everyone hoping to be considered for their respective Shamrock Shuffle teams would be my first and most logical guess.  Perfectly timed as a benchmark on who is legit fit.  We’ve also extended a free entry to the entirety of our Nebraska Association LDR membership, another very good reason to come show your stuff.  It will be exciting no matter.

I’m  familiar with the Chiller Challenge results of the last 15 years and feel pretty confident that a new Nebraska State Record will go down.  As far as I can dig that seems to be the only other 8K in the state.

Grant Wintheiser (Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc) will be making his debut on Nebraska soil. Newly  minted state 5K record holder Johnny Rutford (15:15- LRC Racing) should make it very interesting.  Colin Morrissey and Cory Logsdon will be representing Team Nebraska.  Both very fit and I appreciate their willingness to compete.   Johnny’s mark set just two weeks ago could be in jeapordy.  With that point being certified within the 8K I’ll have multiple watches capturing that split should a new record result from the depth of competition.   I’ve got a few other invitations out that could make it the surprise race of the Spring.  Saturday morning, 10:00, Two Rivers State Park.

Ch-Check It Out!