A wealth of useless information is how it used to be described.

Knowledge is never useless.

Checking out the All Time Nebraska Leaders for track and field in today’s OWH.   Excepting those Distaff Marvels of Talent Angee (Henry) Nott and Theresa (Stelling) Gosnell, not a single name on the list currently competes in Nebraska.  Interesting and worth a ponder by this pundit.  Talent drain?  Burn out?  Where are all the Capital S studs and studettes headed after high school?

I’ve been pouring over such lists for 30+ years, am able to recall personal bests and specific race results sometimes better than the athletes themselves.  Sort of a running rain man thing.

The internet of course being a boon to such a geek.  Stats out my wazoo and yours.  Most fond of Championship races.  Always a good chance to give a keen and critical eye to talent both obvious and not so.  And character.

I’ll never forget a race that helped define the Nebraska Talent of the late double oughts.  The 2009 GPAC 10000 meter championships.  Hell of a battle.  I immediately signed the top 2 finishers, Luka Thor (31:54) and Bryan Felker (32:35).  Luka would justify with a 30:28/14:53 double at the 2010 USA Club T&F National Champs in San Francisco, forever cementing a bond between coach and athlete.  Bryan did something no other Team Nebraska runner had ever done, beat the one guy that had been wearing a target since the club’s inception. the one cat that taunted and destroyed my mates, Chaz Davis, at the 2010 Blarney Stone Run.

A perusal of the complete results list from that meet shows a few gem performances and a lowboy full of current athletes still battling it out on the roads.