33 1/3

After reel to reel (does anyone remember those?) the best recorded sound comes from old LPs.

Long playing.  Contrasted to the 45 rpm, double sided with a single ditty on each side.  Then came 8 tracks and cassettes and compact discs.  Today’s music is just how this generation wants it, instantaneous.  Immediate downloads yes.

The trade off for instant gratification, sacrificed quality with only the  rare aficionado knowing the difference.  Speaks volumes to a vast majority of today’s youth.  Fortunately not all are in such a rush.

33 1/3.   The  Record.

This blog has been a recorded history.  For the record.  The genesis and development of post collegiate competitive opportunities.  A legacy of words describing  visions into reality.  Battles replete with successes and failures.  Life is that way and would be so boring otherwise.


The  Midwest Champions Series.  Inspired by our Debs performance at last Living History Farms.  Occurred to me in an instant that Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. had the talent  to challenge the Very Best in the Midwest.  Threw that gauntlet down to Cal and Randy, my colleagues in development.  With those secured, successfully  pitched to Ben Cohoon’s Pink Gorilla Events’ Good Life Halfsy,  Nebraska’s hat in the ring.  Plaza 10K in KC, Dam to Dam in Des Moines.  We’ve tried to hammer out the details in time to launch this year, I’m deferring to Ben and Cal’s business acumen and supporting a 2017 roll out.  These cats know how to get things done in the biggest and best ways.

Ideas, always spinning in my head.

Andrea Haver Bowen moved to Omaha in 2004 or 2005.   Relocated from NYC where she was an assistant to Mary Wittneberg (Race Director, NYC Marathon) and also  a sub 5 minute  miler.  Set up a meeting at Saigon (one of the  best Vietnamese restaurants anywhere).  Described my vision of a race that would go between Omaha and Lincoln, alternating starting direction every other year, with city based representatives battling for Good Life bragging rights.  Beyond my scope of operational execution but a good idea don’t you think?

In 2011 I was working on another vision, the Linoma Beach Half Marathon.  Several meetings with city and venue officials.  Included a young lady taking copious notes.  Always with the notes.   She seemed particularly interested when I described another vision.  An ultra race starting in Valentine and ending in Norfolk, the Cowboy Trail Ultra.  Another event left in an unhatched egg.  But a great idea don’t you think?

Competing the running community to a more stimulated culture is how Linda describes it.

33 1/3.