Race week!

It’s taken 10 years but it looks like we should have some Horse Races this coming Saturday morning.  The most competitive field in the history of the race, only Nebraska Legend Ivan Marsh will be missing when the cannon sounds.

In one of the more unusual twists, the 10th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K will serve as our USATF Nebraska Association Trail Championships.    It will be our 9th time to host, missing only 2015, the year we were not allowed to bid.  Splain that one Lucy.

Back to the front.  Tim Langdon, Jeremy Morris, Kyle Clouston, Justin Mollak, Brian Wandzilak, has there ever been a more fully loaded field in a local trail run?  Nope.  Oh, oh, wait a minute, we need to throw 2:13 marathoner Patrick Rizzo into that heap of talent.

For the women we’ve got three of the best.  Returning champ, the waifenator, the pixie ninja, Kaci Licktieg will line up with Amanda Lee of Boulder,  and Emily Langdon.  Still plenty of USATF pri$e money for the Nebra$ka women, somebody, anybody, sign up!

This is truly wacky.  Only 2 Nebraska USATF females entered.  Or is it wacky?

I’ve been tracking and recording gender data for the last few years.  The most indisputable trend in running and racing is the explosion of women participants.  Between 65-75% of most race results report as female.

For Saturday, Men = 62%, Women = 38%.

We’ll be hosting packet pick up and registration at Peak Performance at 168th tomorrow afternoon from 4-7.  And we’ll be accepting registrations Saturday morning starting at 8:00 am.

Some of the toughest runners I know are women.    More splainin to do here Lucy.


A little something for the ladies, these two never miss!