A lot of Boston jitters right now, just a little while until the cannon booms.  There will be tales of a lifetime shortly thereafter.

For now I’ll glance back  at the weekend.  Start with the  Debs up at the Sioux City Relays.  Jay Welp (1:58) opened up by anchoring his  Morningside Alumni team to the win in the  4 X 800.   Drew Prescott (15:40)  led the mates to a 3-4-5 podium finish with Jay (15:53) and Kevin Joerger (16:04) rounding out  the effort.


Winner winner chicken dinner.  I got ahold of Nancy Sutton Moss, described what I’m about to share with  you.  Saturday morning, one of the windiest of the spring, two lone figures.  An easy mile and a half warm up,  then 15 miles at Half Marathon Pace + :20.  Let that settle in for a moment.  Simply flying with the wind, glorious labor against it.  Me astride, Grant Wintheiser afoot.  One or two mile stretches at a time into the howling teeth.  Me insisting it is our friend, making us strong and wilting our opponents.  First 3 miles spot on in 16 flat.  At mile  4 a grin and “I’m starting to get revved”.  Six miles under 32.  And the wind, always the  wind, sometimes all I could do to keep up.  Around 53:10 for 10 miles.  Me now pedaling the fat tires furiously for the last hard mile  into the wind, Grant happily chiming that one in 5:17, 1:09:30 through the half and 15 miles in 1:19:30.  5:18 pace for 15 miles on a day better suited to sails and kites.  Nice work fella.

Great racing to everyone in Boston this morning.  Our mates Cameron Cummings, Jeff Gregg, and Stacy Mangers Shaw will give it their all.  I’ve written down my projected times for a few people and shared it closely.  I don’t need race day tracking, I’ve been tracking training all spring.  Looking forward to the post race!