Logan Watley.  I tip my hat to you.

Last night Michael Rathje (10th, 31:22), Johnny Rutford (13th, 31:28), and Ryan Dostal (16th, 32:01) all raced the KU Relays 10000 meters.  Track racing!  Real Racing.  Nowhere to hide racing.  Juevos mas Grande Racing.

That’s the spirit!  I’ve spent a decade and a half trying to raise the bar.  That bar, for now in Logan’s capable hands.  And he doesn’t  take it lightly.  Getting his mates on the same page, focused,  bows pointing  all in the same direction.  Team Spirit.  Not an easy thing to cultivate or maintain.  Again, a big tip of  the sombrero.

Add in his duties as our LDR Chair, working taxpayer, and family man and you can see  why I admire and appreciate everything this young man is doing.  He has demonstrated motivational and organizational skills far beyond my scope of professionalism, to the benefit of us all.

Less than 10 days until Lincoln.  Weather looks good.  And you can tell who’s ready to roll.