Bob Costas, thanks for the lift, your polished voice reminding us all.    I’d barely launched this morning with my first cup of Columbian Supremo Dark, caffeine doing its good thing, when a bigger buzz washed over me.  Costas: “One hundred days to Rio.”

The quadrennial celebration of the very best athletes, the very best stories, the very best competition, the very best of the very best.  I’m already giddy, just can’t help it.

Surprised?  I think not.  Anyone and everyone that knows me, has read me, likes me or not, understands that Potential Achieved gets me going.  And the more potential realized, the more I like it.  Introduce a little God Given Talent, now we’re really talking.

Let’s be clear.  We all have potential.  Relative to our own bag of bones and dura mater.  Challenges to overcome, dreams to chase, work to do.  Talent doesn’t necessarily figure into this equation.

Ah but Talent.  If you’ve got that, Loyalty, Drive, Discipline and just a tad of Humility, well, how can I not be at your service?

Somebody has to speak for the elites, that’s me.

Al Sanabria called on Monday.  We talked for over a half hour about his Boston Marathon.  And about his aspirations, his future.  Al doesn’t run for me but man does he get me.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  A USATF Competitive Club.  Locally, Regionally, and Nationally competitive.  Ready to toe the line and take on LRC Racing, Team Nebraska, KC Smoke, and Iowa Runablaze’s very best.  USATF Competitive Club.  Representing the Lincoln Marathon locally, regionally, and nationally.

And every once in a blue moon, that athlete that dreams the Big Dream.

USATF.  Its about the Olympics.  Thanks for the reminder Bob, you just gave me chills.