El Sol and the Good Mother tell me in 6 months it will be 59 years, so many of you must by human nature, consider me an old man.  I sure don’t feel like one and probably don’t act like one.  The only tell tale of longevity being wisdom of experience.  Nourishment to the soul.  Earned exclusively by living long.  Beyond the scope and understanding of youth.

The biggest lesson, the real secret to living?  The older you get, the faster time passes.  The Relativity of Age.  Savor every moment, every breath, every stride.

The biggest gift of life?  Being blessed with enough sunrises for that realization to come clear.  I’d like to share that gift with you, tell you that old age is your reward for a good life.

More immediate and thus infinitely more important!  The Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon in just two days!  I’m not Thomas Bach, but I call our youth to come race.  Those willing to give their very best.  This is about you, your now, your time.

Time  To Shine!