Or, the Spring of my Content.

Let’s kick things off wishing a safe and rewarding trip to our mate Grant Wintheiser.  Left on Sunday for 4 weeks to India on a medical mission trip.

Jeremy Morris and Alli Moy Borgen headed down to the Rock on Lake Perry 50K, he with the W (4:05:56), she taking 2nd female.

Jennifer Wilson never ceases to amaze me.  More frequent flyer miles than the rest of us combined.  Strict training program with very little margin for error.  Lofty personal best  goals for 2016, mile to the marathon.  Running last Sunday’s Papillion Half.  Smashed personal best by nearly 4 minutes running a fine 2:08:43.  The same race saw Kaci Lickteig turn in a nice 1:22:26 on the hilly course.  One day after winning the Tails and Trails half with her favorite companion.

Jen Freeman (Team Nebraska) won the Brookings Marathon in 3:06:18.  Roy White (unattached) took first in the 50-54 age group in 3:14:31.

The Medtronic 1 Mile in Minneapolis served as our USATF Road Champs.  Ben Blakenship (3:55) and Heather Kampf (4:34.2) take the laurels.

Excited to announce that Amber Sargent will be racing the Boystown 5 Mile on Memorial Day, our USATF Nebraska Association Champs for that distance.

Guy Clark, rest in peace.  Cold dog soup and rainbow pie……

The Texas State Track & Field Champs last weekend.  Reed Brown of Southlake  Carroll and Sam Worley of Comal  Canyon.  Both broke the decades old 3200 meter state record.  Brown in 8:50, Worley in 8:51.  Earlier in the 1 mile it was Worley (4:04.59) and Brow (4:04.82).

Both are juniors.  Shades of Seth!  Went for a run yesterday afternoon with a new friend.  He expressing deserved amazement at the young wunderkind.  Me reminding that I’ve seen it all before, listing similar talents from each of the last several decades.  At the very top of that list, Gerry Lindgren.

Proud to announce the two newest additions to our Merry Band of Racers.  Coralie Eilers is Kevin Joerger’s girlfriend and former teammate at Loyola Marymount.  She debuted at the half marathon with the “W” (1:35) last month in Valpraiso.  Brandon Wissing has also joined us.  His training with Jay and Kevin has been solid as evidenced by the “W” over Colin Morrissey at the Berkshire Hathway 5K.


This swarm of bees made a dash from our hives, landed in our neighbor’s tree.  The lower 50 degree temps had them completely docile.  Used my pruning sheers to clip the branch on either side and gently lowered back into its new box.  We started with 8 last year, added two in the fall and another 6  this week for a total of 16 hives.  Honey, Bee Mine!