This Midwest Classic is once again designated a USATF National Championships.  Set for July 30, the 7 Mile course is known for its hills, heat, humidity, and First Class competition.  Thanks to my old buddy John Tope, this year’s Elite Athlete Coordinator, for hooking up TNB with elite status.   Kaci Lickteig, Jen Viehrig, Matt Pohren, and Lee Anderson have all received waived, seeded entries, housing, meals, and the opportunity to compete against America’s Very Best.  As a favor to an old friend (I’ve worked with John for 15+ years), Linda Barnhart and yours truly will also get a chance to race.  Linda’s stint at altitude will help her take on the masters ranks and I’ll do my very best.

If you have Any Real Interest in getting familiar with USATF (how to form a club, put on a race, program marketing, etc.)  here are a couple of wonderful options to help get you started:  The 2011 USATF Associations Workshop will be August 19-21 in San Mateo, CA.  This is always the best chance to learn about USATF, the member Associations, what is working in other parts of the country and why, what you can do to improve your own Association, and the benefits of joining and participating in the Positive Growth of our sport.  The Annual Race Directors’ Meeting and Trade Exhibit is another excellent opportunity to learn about the cutting edge of our sport.  It will be held November 10-12 in Hollywood, FL.  If you would like more information on either of these meetings feel free to shoot me an email (

Got out a little earlier today, okay about 4 hours early.  Six a.m. start time and the relatively cooler temps made it worth getting my lazy butt out of bed.  Thanks to Gary Wasserman for the prompt, the more we learn about each other the more things we find to share.  Was also introduced to Tom Macy this morning, he was working hard on his 10 Miler.  Tom is one of those amazing guys that is running a marathon in every State, Sioux Falls will be his 19th, Giddyup!  Quiz:  What life experience do Gary Wasserman, Tom Macy, and I have in common?  First correct answer gets a shout out in manana’s column.

A lot of good talk about toughness this morning.  I’ve known some Very Tough women in my life, several are current members of TNB.  I’ve always been impressed with hard nosed, hard hitting ladies.
I had the pleasure of “entertaining” the Ohio Roller Girls while they were in town last week.  I came away a little bruised but also with a new chapter for my book.

Going to be Extremely Hot at tonight’s track workout, Millard West @ 6:00 pm.  Bring plenty of water!  So as not to overextend anyone we will conduct our 4th annual Relay Carnival.
1 mile warm up and then we’ll break into teams of 4
1st Relay- 4 X 100 Meters
2nd Relay- 4 X 200 Meters
3rd Relay- 4 X 400 Meters
4th Relay- 4 X 800 Meters
1 mile warm down