Staying with the coaching theme.   My craft.

It’s development y’all.  Long term, medium range, and this weekend.  Making hard decisions so the athlete doesn’t have to.  Making the right decisions because the athlete has put their trust in me.  And being able to explain to them the whys and hows.

Results.  Incremental always best.  Difficult and achievable.  Rewarding.  Motivating.  Instilling confidence.  New plateaus leading to breakthroughs.

I  meet Client #1 only once a month but with continuous contact.  Dialing in current fitness and real life, melding the two into an intricate web of specific work to achieve attainable goals.  I’d love to bottle her determination and will to succeed.

The Runde lads.  My dossier of detailed notes now in its third year.  Being able to reflect on where they started, where they’ve been.  Describing where they will be.  Their absolute trust in my methods.  Seeing  them brim with confidence as well as speed.  In It To Win It, don’t doubt it.  Taking  their lumps with grace and respect, part and parcel of our sport.  Sam 13 and  Jackson 10, both futures so bright they have to wear shades.  I’m betting I end up on Coach Mingo’s Christmas Card list.

Our Nebraska Run Guru Elite athletes.  Not all but several.  Goals  and  aspirations and willingness to listen and do the work all that is  required.

My craft and passion.  Your results.

The Bar None, center of the running world.