Frankly.  From the Hip.  Leave no doubt.  Likely upsetting an occasional apple cart.  Unabashed.  In your face, but not so much anymore.  Unfiltered.

Don’t you doubt for a millisecond that Sport is for the young.  With only a trace of notable exception, the Olympic Trials have been provenance of the young, upstarts, apple cart upsetters.  As it should be, as it will ever be.

Not your dad’s heroes.  Not your heroes.  Your kids heroes.  Those they will talk about for the next 4 to maybe 8 years.  And will reflect in 2024 how those names, giants they were, have now been full cycle, apple carts themselves.

I like the way Rupp finished his 10K.  I don’t think he lays down for Mo this time.  And 8 days later I’m picking him to medal in the marathon.  And in 4 years, some kid(s) is going to kick his butt and we’ll all remember when.

Have to give some toasts and tips to our lads up in Minneapolis and the AAU Region 14 Champs.  On Saturday Sam won the 13 y/o 3000 in a personal best 10:07.  Later that day both he (6th, 2:18) and Jackson (4th, 10 y/o, 2:47)) ran prs in the 800.  On Sunday both pr’d in the 1500 with Sam taking 2nd, improving his previous best by an eye popping :14 to 4:37.6, behind only the Sudanese fella from Ames.  Jackson also prd running 5:43.27, and too good enough for 2nd, and finished with a 7th in the 400 with 1:15, yep, another pr.   Right on schedule for Nationals later this month in Humble, Tx.