Kicking off Monday morning with personal nods to the Women’s 5000 Olympians.   Small circles to be sure but plain as the nose on my face.  Molly Huddle.  I once draped a national championships gold around her neck, Davenport, Iowa and the BIX  7.  Linda took Kim Conley to Chiba, Japan five and a half years ago.  And Shelby Houlihan, her mom ran the Omaha Mile in 08.  No big whup.

How about about NRGE’s Kevin Joerger?  His journey, patient and long, continues.  First Nebraska finisher (9th overall) at the 45th annual Midnight Madness 10K.    His 32:55 besting LRC Racing stud Johnny Rutford (10th, 33:01).   Kevin’s mate Brandon Wissing finished 13th in 33:55.  LRC Racing’s Cole Marolf was 20th in 36:25.    Zach Brown (LRC Racing) contributed a 22nd o/a in 36:38 to help the yellow and blue to a second overall team finish.  Brian Bergt, unattached and age 56, still running sub 40 minutes finishing in 39:38.

Twenty five days until Rio.  I’ll be regaling readers with memories from 2008.  World Championships Half Marathon Team Leader, my final and best international trip as a USATF Cheese Wheel.  Circles go round.