Out of the blue moments are gifts from the gods.  Manifesting amid gentle routine, sending this old heart on a merry pitter patter.  Considering the possibilities.  Right underneath our noses.

Willie’s Golden Tickets 2016 was the starting vision for NRGE’s competitive club division.   In It To Win It, as is my want, young men fired up, to borrow a recent email header.

What could possibly have me singing on the inside this morning?  Could have been week 6 of roadwork with Sam and Jackson, only one more track session before they are off to Houston and the AAU National Championships.  Happy as I am with their progress it was not those chords being strummed.

What has me lilting is the sudden revelation that old fires still burn.  Hotly.

I’d better get down in the basement and print up a round of tickets.

Both the Kansas City Smoke and Iow