Or, Once A Mate, Always A Mate.

We’ve all heard the story before.  Inspiration washes over a soul or two, brought to shore by the most honorable of intentions.

The drummer, still working his sticks even though no record in the last 6 or 7 years.  The lead vocalist, talents lately dormant awaiting the right sunrise to sing.

They decide to get the old band back together.   To save the school or the community house or in this case, distance running in Nebraska.  To kick some ass.

If I teased you with “Playing With Fire”, I’ll be less coy this morning.  I’ve been in contact with three of the most solid runners and fine young men I’ve ever had the pleasure of.    And the fastest.

We’re getting the old band back together.  They’re joining our newest stars to literally tower over the athletics landscape.    One has the greatest range ever (sub 4 1500, sub 2:30 marathon), one is a USATF Club National Champion, and one is a sub four minute miler.

Band On The Run.  Band On The Run.

Once  A Mate, Always A Mate!